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The Project
Woman’s Life Insurance Society Brand Identity and Entire Marketing Identity

The Challenge
Woman’s Life changed its name from North American Benefit Association to Woman’s Life Insurance Society in 1996. For more than 10 years, the company struggled with a brand identity and was using — sporadically — two different and dated-looking logos. They wanted their marketing materials to appeal to a younger, more vibrant audience.

The Solution
They called in The Write Company to create a new identity that would appeal to the younger target audience of women they were interested in attracting to membership within their organization.

The Results
The Write Company created the new brand identity using bright, fun colors, along with an assortment of print support materials, an update to their magazine and member newsletters, and a whole bunch of other cool and fun marketing support materials.

Now, more than a decade later, the company continues to use the solid corporate branding that was established by The Write Company.

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