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The Challenge
This international mining and resource management company is based in Cleveland, Ohio, and owns two iron ore mining facilities located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The company wished to establish a long-term, community-awareness advertising campaign that politely and subtlely reminds locals of the good works and many generous donations the company and its foundation provide to the community, along with other corporate messages as-needed.

The Solution
After meeting with representatives from the company, The Write Company set about designing a campaign that is simple, polite and to the point. The design has proven to be flexible and has been used in everything from yearbook ads to full page spreads in the local newspaper. Messages have been both light and also more serious.

The Results
The company has been pleased with the results, noting that each time an ad runs, local representatives receive positive feedback, including the question The Write Company likes to hear: “What Big Deal Ad Agency are you using?” to which they reply, “We call The Write Company.”